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January 15-18
Guilder’s Weave - Newport News, VA

January 24-25
Country Weave In - Roxboro, NC

February 6-8
Georgia Basket Association Convention - Roswell, GA

February 19-22
Winter Retreat - Summerfield, NC

February 26-28
Kroc Center - Augusta, GA

March 5-8
WTWKY Convention - KY

March 19-22
NCBA Convention - Durham, NC

April 16-18
Aiken, SC

April 23-26
Woodland Retreat - Magnolia, DE

April 30-May 3
Wolf River - Cintonville, WI

May 28-31
Woodland Retreat - Summerfield, NC

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Nantucket Basket Kits

We are currently unable to take orders via the website at this time. If you'd like to order something, please call 336-337-8589 or email: hncbjdr@icloud.com to place an order.

Each FULL Kit comes with all of the materials (including the pattern) to make the basket pictured. Nantucket kits will need a mold which can be rented for $20 per month or purchased. (see below)

A half kit includes all the materials except the staves and weavers- the handles and wood base only.

To rent or order molds(see Woodland Woodworking).

Most baskets feature woods in cherry, walnut and maple. Exotic woods are also available so call 336-337-8589 or email: hncbjdr@icloud.com for a list and prices.

Diane's carry all reed basket
Little Dresser

The Little Dresser Nantucket is a sweet little basket that was designed to sit on my dresser, around the house and on my desk to hold jewelry, change, hair ties, rubber bands, and/or paper clips. It is a nice gift basket and looks lovely in exotic woods. The little Dresser Nantucket is 4" in diameter and about 3" tall, including the lid.

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Dr. Coopers Snack Basket
Dr. Cooper's Snack

The Dr. Cooper's Snack basket was designed by Dr. David C Ross. He came up with the idea one night when he and Dr. Cooper were having a snack. Each base, rim, lid and knob is hand turned by David in his shop and is unique.

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The 9" Tray
The 9" Tray

The size makes this tray useful for many things and fits almost anywhere in the house or office. It also makes a lovely birthday or wedding gift. The original basket was designed using an antique mold. Shown in walnut using dyed cane staves and natural weavers. An ivory mushroom plug completes the tray.

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Diane's carry all reed basket
The 3D Wastepaper

The D3 Wastepaper basket is a wonderful piece in the bathroom collection. It will grace your bathroom but may be used in any room. The D3 has an acrylic liner.
Specify cherry or walnut.

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Dr. Coopers Snack Basket
Nantucket Creel Purse

Nantucket purses are made to be treasured and passed
down for generations to come. The Nantucket Creel is 9" in length 6 1/2" tall and 3 1/2 to 4" wide. The base , rim and lid are handcrafted in the wood of your choice. The stitched leather hinges, strap and magnetic clasp are the highest quality preminum leather.
Ivory knobs attach the strap to the purse. The staves and weavers are cane. Select walnut, or cherry.

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Dr. Coopers Snack Basket
4" Lamp

The 4" Nantucket lamp will add interest to any room of your home or office as a wonderful accent. Woven on a 4" tall mold the lamp is 4 1.2" in diameter and about 7 1/2" to 8" not including the lamp shade or bulb. Select cherry or walnut.

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