Handmade North Carolina Baskets

Handmade North Carolina Baskets is owned by Joni-Dee and David Ross. In 1989, David's Boss' wife signed Joni-Dee up for a basket class at the community college in Rocky Mt, NC. She was addicted immediately and to this day can still remember the thrill and excitement of weaving her first basket. In 1992, she begin to teach basketry and started Handmade NC Baskets. David Ross (the husband) was transferred to Delaware in the Spring of 1993. In the fall of 1993, Joni-Dee begin teaching basketry in Dover, DE. She continued to take classes and study the art of basketry. While in Delaware, she started the Delaware Basket Association with the help of several friends. David’s career brought the family to Greensboro, NC in 2002. Today, Joni-Dee teaches in her studio in Summerfield, NC and has published over 100 patterns.  Handmade North Carolina Baskets now offers Nantucket baskets for sale (each handmade by Joni), workshops at her studio in Summerfield, NC, custom baskets and basket supplies. Joni-Dee teaches at private guilds/groups and state conventions throughout the US. She and David are developing their own line of baskets.

Joni-Dee graduated from Clemson University in 1977 with BA in Education. All baskets and supplies are created out of the highest quality materials available.  Joni-Dee has published a book on how to make Nantucket Baskets with Denise Bendelewski entitled, "The Nuts and Bolts of Nantucket Baskets".

Dave Ross is the principal woodworker for HNCB, and makes many of Joni-Dee’s basket bases, slip-on-rims, lids, knobs, Nantucket molds, and other handcrafted wood parts. David takes pride in giving each piece individuality. If not specified otherwise, his work will highlight the grain, burl, knots and other characteristics of the wood.  He particularly enjoys doing custom orders, and challenging one-of-a-kind pieces. Custom glue-up woodturnings are a specialty of his. David also produces many non-basket-related items, including custom designed furniture, and other wooden items. He designed and builds the custom cradle stands for the Nantucket cradle. 

David has a PhD in Entomology and worked in the agricultural industry as a Researcher and Technical Manager for almost 30 years.  During many of those years, David spent nights and weekends in the shop and studio working with Joni-Dee. Since retiring from his former career job, Joni has him working harder than ever in the shop.......and loving it, BTW!!!  

Feel free to inquire about custom designs @ hncbjdr@icloud.com or 336-337-8589

Consider attending one of our HNCB Nantucket Workshops at our studio in Summerfield, NC.  See the WORKSHOP EVENTS Page for more details.