About Nantucket Baskets

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently unable to take orders via the website. If you'd like to order something, please call 336-337-8589 or email us at  hncbjdr@icloud.com or use the contact form to make inquiries (Contact HNCB).

Originally, Nantucket Baskets were woven on lightships off of the coast of Nantucket by men who worked to keep the oil burning on the lightships. Woven on molds, the baskets are handcrafted of hardwood and cane. After preparing the base, staves (hardwood or cane) are inserted into the base that is attached to the mold. Next, the weaving begins using cane. After the weaving is completed, the basket must be well packed. The rims must be shaped to an exact fit before nailing them to the basket using brass escutcheon pins and lashing with cane. Handles are attached with brass screws and ivory or bone knobs. The final step is to apply several coats of polyurethane.

A Nantucket Basket requires hours of work along with careful attention to detail. Hardwood stave preperation involves several hours of tapering, sanding and shaping before they are inserted in the base. Rims of Nantucket Baskets also require hours of work to insure a correct fit, however the end result is a lovely basket that can be handed down for generations.

Most baskets feature woods in cherry, walnut and maple. Exotic woods are also available so call 336-337-8589 or email: hncbjdr@icloud.com for a list and prices.