HNCB 2019 Used Mold Sale

HNCB Used Mold Sale:


Mold Sale update (2):  All orders have been packaged and Joni is contacting a few people with questions.  All paid-for orders will go to the Post Office on Thursday morning (March 28, 2019).  Remming orders are all boxed up and will go our as soon as payments clear.  All Sold Out items have been removed from this web page.  There are a few Triskets, 5" Polygons, and one (1) 5" Square mold left.  Thank you all for the outstanding support.  

Mold Sale Update (1):  It was a fast and Flurrious afternoon yesterday.  We had an interesting time keeping the website updated with the sales and changing inventories, but we think most everyone who submitted orders in first, got the baskets that they wanted!  Thanks for your patience.

We are today (March 26, 2019) packing and invoicing and the shipments should start to go out tomorrow.  Invoices should start appearing in your inbox today or tomorrow if you ordered.  Joni will contact everyone who "won" as she put it!

We took down everything that sold, and the only the Still-Available items are left up.

We are offering a variety of used molds for sale at discounted prices.  Most of the molds were purchased from D.E.L.S. for our use to teach classes; generally when we taught 12 or more people the same basket at the same time.  Several molds were purchased at an estate sale in 2002 and others were purchased from teachers along the way.

Over the years we decided to offer classes (Student’s Choice) where the student chooses from a variety of baskets that he/she prefers to make. Likewise, we have chosen to teach smaller classes in our studio in NC, allowing us more time with our family and to also pursue our other interests.  

Conditions:  Listed are the molds for sale with the discounted price posted and the price you would pay if new (in parenthesis).

1. Molds will be sold on a first come, first sold basis.  

2. Submit the contact form to us indicating which molds you wish to purchase.  

3. Indicate whether you want the order shipped or if you will pick up the molds at our studio within about 7 days.  

4. Joni will let you know if you are the first person.  

5. We will then email you an invoice (from Quickbooks online)

6. Once the invoice is paid, we will ship the mold.

7. All orders will be shipped US Postal Service - 2 Day Priority Mail.

8. Each Lot on this page will be marked "SOLD" as they are sold.