Happy New Year from HNCB
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Saturday, January 06, 2018
By Handmade North Carolina Baskets
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Hi everybody. Happy New Year!


We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and/or other Happy Holiday and that you all have a prosperous, safe and wonderful 2018.  We at HNCB are certainly happy that everyone in our family is doing well and enters the new year in good health, spirits and attitude.  2018 is certainly starting out COLD.  I know, I know...I mean COLD for NC! - Please don't send "you-don't-know-what-cold-is" emails.  My parents are from Detroit.  We lived in Delaware.  We have a pretty good idea of what COLD is.  Why do you think we live in NC?


2017 ended with a Whomp! here at Handmade NC Baskets, but I'm not going to yammer on about that.  Read the last blog if you would like to catch up.  I will just say that my physical therapy is progressing well, I can hobble around with a cane most of the time and the pain is pretty much gone.  We are still being given an up-to-6 month timeline to keep the braces on, and an up-to-12 month timeline before we can go hiking or biking vigorously like we used to do. Thank you to all my well-wishers and providers-of-snacks.  The snacks in particular were very much appreciated!


Joni has pulled together most of our outstanding orders (and should have the rest done this week), so we should be up to date pretty soon.  We are not, of course, accepting new orders for me to make in the shop.  However, Joni has some other kits on hand.  Call if you need anything, or just to talk to Joni.  It is a good way for her to get her basket fix.  She is also making a bicycle handlebar basket at the moment.


As for me, during the convalescent period there is no fly-fishing, wood-shopping, Triumph-rebuilding, boat-finishing, landscaping, no walking outside at night or setting up my telescope, nor walking downstairs to the Yaesu ham radio (I am not released yet to walk on unpaved ground or stairs).  Thank goodness it has been college bowl and NFL playoff seasons!  So, about the only other hobbies I have left are birdwatching and photography.  Joni has set up multiple new feeders and has spent a good deal of effort finding and putting out new seed and feed.   So....you folks have the opportunity to look at bird pictures this time.  Hope you like them.


Take care everybody.  It is a beautiful (chilly) day, don't let it slip away.....David & Joni

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