October 9, 2018
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Tuesday, October 09, 2018
By Handmade North Carolina Baskets
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WOW!  What an amazing 10 1/2 months this has been, filled with joy and tears.  Most of you know that David ripped the quad tendon completely away from his patella on both legs. When the doctor told us it would be 12 months for full recovery, it was hard to imagine taking that long.  So….here we are at 10 1/2 months into the recovery period and David is working hard towards full recovery.  I have watched him fight hard to get our life back and we are almost there.


David’s time in the shop is still limited and he is working hard to increase his stamina.  We have designed several new baskets that will be coming out in 2019. We have re-organized our business and reflected on the direction we plan to move over the next several years. Hopefully we have created a schedule where we can take care of everything our friends & student’s need in a shorter amount of time while pursuing our dreams too. We have laughed until we cried and cried until we had to laugh.  


We will be forever grateful to Craig and Meredith and Lindsey and Aaron for always being there to do whatever we needed.  Kamaya Dee, Kingston and Aariona, your OGO worked hard so he could hike and play with you…..and he adored the 10,000 times you called and came by to ask about all the equipment, if he was ok, and to say I love you. You sat besides him so many times and held his hand.  Now, he has Baby Ross along with each of you to keep him focused on continuing with his recovery because he loves every second he spends (and will spend) with each of you.


As for me, it is so awesome to have him back living life right beside me and so our journey continues...........Joni-Dee, October 2018


We have held a number of workshops at our studio in Summerfield, NC, Aiken, SC and at Stowe, VT & Jabez in Kentucky.  We have two more this year before Craig & Meredith's Wedding in November (sorry Deer Creek!).  Then we start back in January next year.  The 2019 workshop schedule is on our website, but you might notice that there are less events than in previous years.  We are trying to stay a little closer to home with a less hectic schedule.  We have 14 events in 2019, including a February trip to Florida and a June trip to California.  We look forward to 2019 after a trying 2018.  Finally, it has been a very hard year (much harder, in fact) for some of our friends in the basket community, and we ask that you continue to hold Patti Davies' family as well as Charlene & Bill White ever present in your thoughts.


Take care everyone, it is still a very beautiful day.....Dave Ross  October 2018 

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